Update 2022/10/12

Learn about the GODE CHAIN architecture foundation together

Gode Chain can send any type of data between any type of blockchain, Gode Chain unlocks a wide range of real-world use cases. By bringing together the best features from multiple specialized blockchains GodeChain paves the way for a new decentralized marketplace, providing a more equitable way to access services through a variety of applications and providers. While blockchain has shown great promise in a number of areas - Internet of Things (IoT), finance, governance, identity management, network decentralization, and asset tracking, to name a few - the design limitations of previous systems have largely prevented large-scale adoption.


Next, let's understand the foundation of GodeChain architecture


1. Protection of user rights from program developers


The developer of the program in Gode Chain has no right to interfere with the users, so Gode Chain can protect the rights and interests of the users who use the program. In addition, the highly decentralized distributed data storage is also one of the biggest features of the public chain. The advantages of open and transparent transaction data and data cannot be tampered with make the public chain can effectively guarantee the data security of users.


2. Gode Chain can generate network effects


An inherent need for interconnection exists for an information product because people produce and use them for the purpose of better information collection and exchange. As the size of the network grows, users can get more value from it and their needs are met more. Public chains are open, so they have the opportunity to be used by many outside users and generate a degree of network effect.


In other words, as the GodeChain network grows in size, the number of users increases and the network effect grows.


3. GodeChain can be applied to practical business scenarios on the ground


Except for financial applications, any application scenarios with high requirements for trust, security and persistence, such as asset registration, voting, management and IoT and other 3.0 era applications, will be influenced by public chains on a large scale.


Here's an analogy that should help you understand GodeChain: Trying to build a blockchain project is like trying to build an APP on a phone without an operating system, because everything starts with the basics.


GodeChain is like the Android or iOS system of smart phones. Enterprises or individuals who want to develop a blockchain project can directly complete it based on the public chain, which greatly reduces the difficulty and cost of development.


In short, the underlying architecture of GodeChain is equivalent to the infrastructure of the blockchain world, and the solution is used to expand the performance of the underlying public chain or provide service support for commercial applications. Only on the basis of the solid, robust and efficient operation of the underlying public chain can blockchain commercial applications be developed and landed. The importance and necessity of public chain in the whole blockchain field, the development space and demand are very large.