Update 2022/01/17

Gode Ecological Development Construction Plan

Since 2020, with the rise of the DeFi ecosystem, applications on the Ethereum network have shown a booming development trend, but at the same time, due to the high gas fee and performance ceiling effect of the Ethereum network, there has been a very strong spillover effect. . In the same period, the Ethereum-compatible public chain represented by BSC quickly carried a large number of projects and users. Compatibility with Ethereum means that developers can quickly adapt to the development system and environment of these public chains and develop immediately. At the same time, due to the low gas fee, It seems that everyone has found a good alternative in a short period of time.

But is this really the final form of the public chain? We don't think so, because changing the GAS fee alone doesn't address the root of the problem. A large part of the reason for the high gas fee and performance ceiling of Ethereum is that many important infrastructures of Ethereum exist as independent projects, and the realization of interoperability between these infrastructures is often accompanied by a lot of friction. Need to consume a lot of network performance. Therefore, in the long run, if a public chain wants to adapt to the needs of large-scale commercial applications and ensure that the financial system can operate safely and efficiently on it, the core infrastructure of the public chain must be the same as the blockchain itself. Achieving native compatibility, which is one of the main advantages of the birth of Gode Chain.

However, although Gode Chain has its own unique advantages for carrying large-scale commercial applications, we still need to face a problem, that is, in the environment of advocating the compatibility of Ethereum, how can we make more projects willing to pay for themselves It takes time and energy to integrate into a new public chain system and experience the many advantages of Gode Chain.

Therefore, Gode Chain is about to be launched to encourage global developers to build the Gode ecosystem. It is believed that from 2022 to the future, Gode Chain will strictly select projects and fully fund them through the foundation, so that projects that join the Gode ecosystem can enjoy full support from technical operations to publicity and financing.

Through support, we hope to achieve the following goals:

Encourage more new projects to participate in the early ecological construction of Gode and become the initial users of Gode;

Encourage projects to carry out Gode development feedback to achieve continuous optimization and improvement of the Gode network;

Absorb new blood for Gode's developer community and help Gode's existing ecological projects develop in an all-round way;

Widely disseminate Gode's superior overall performance and quickly build Gode's infrastructure.

Gode Chain has made great achievements in technology during the construction process, but we do not want to stand still, because we are still full of passion for the future of the blockchain world, which is why Gode was born at this time. It is a new beginning for Gode Chain, we hope to make more new friends while gathering old friends. Since it is a new beginning, we hope to build a more diverse ecosystem in an open way with our original intention, solidly do a good job in infrastructure, strengthen developer friendliness. Based on these starting points, we hope that the Gode Chain project can attract the following types of projects:

Infrastructure projects developed based on the Gode mainnet;

Projects for product development based on GID core components;

Application-layer projects that have been verified to have strong usage scenarios, such as DeFi, NFT and other projects;

Projects with commercial landing scenarios that can connect the physical industry and blockchain, such as social and e-commerce projects;

Resource-based projects that open up regulatory channels, such as payment and traditional financial upgrading projects;

In addition to focusing on mature project teams, we also pay great attention to early-stage teams with excellent quality. Gode will not only provide technical support for the project, but also incubate potential teams. If your team has the following characteristics, we very much hope to grow together with you:

Teams with strong enthusiasm and knowledge reserves for the blockchain industry who want to explore in the new ecology;

Teams with strong development capabilities who want to find new business innovations based on blockchain technology;

A team with innovative ideas and strong business execution, who can put forward innovative opinions on the current blockchain regardless of technology or ecology and is willing to implement it.

We are looking forward to working with a team full of enthusiasm and knowledge, and hope that you are as committed to exploring and promoting the development of blockchain technology and ecological construction as we are. Together with many teams with innovative ideas and business execution, we will continue to innovate and implement new ideas to welcome the arrival of the smart economy.