Update 2022/01/17

Gode Chain is safe, transparent and reliable

better security model

In proof-of-work and proof-of-stake systems, blockchains compete with each other for resources to secure their networks, and blockchains are vulnerable until they develop a significant community to support their network.

Gode takes a different approach and lets blockchains share their security, which means that the security of the blockchain is aggregated and applied to all blockchains.

By connecting their blockchains to Gode, blockchain developers can secure their blockchains from the very beginning.

Highly transparent on-chain governance

Protocol updates are achieved through transparent on-chain voting, so protocol development is not stalled for lack of a clear process. The Relay Chain uses sophisticated governance mechanisms designed to establish a transparent, accountable and binding process for resolving disputes and upgrading the network.

Gode tokens are used to participate in governance decisions (including: submitting proposals, voting, binding)

Parachains are free to design their own governance mechanisms to achieve maximum freedom without affecting other parachains.

GRANDPA: A trusted consensus algorithm.

Gode uses its original GRANDPA (GHOST-based Recursive Ancestor Deriving Prefix Agreement) consensus to build a more secure and resilient network.

Under good network conditions, GRANDPA can complete the block almost instantaneously. Under poor network conditions, such as network partitions, GRANDPA can complete a large number of blocks (theoretically millions) at once while the partition is resolved.