Update 2022/08/24

The rise of the new public chain, how GODE CHAIN suddenly emerged as the dark horse of the times

In the last round of the bull market, we witnessed the explosion of the Layer 1 track. Under the background of the continuous spillover of the ecological value of Ethereum, from BSC to Solana, to Avalanche, Fantom, Near, Harmony and even Terra, the major Layer 1s have achieved vigorous development, the infrastructure has gradually matured, and various applications are blooming in the chain. With the rapid growth of data, it also ushered in the rediscovery of value at the market level. These projects are all likely to survive the current bear market - and that's because they all have great technology, great ecosystems, massive user adoption, published operational maps, and strong dedicated teams. These are the intangibles that any project needs to survive, especially with the Fed tightening investor funds and general market sentiment in a risk-off mood. In the current public chain field where hundreds of people are competing for flow, GODE CHAIN, a new public chain derived from web3.0, is bringing new possibilities to the blockchain field as a dark horse.

The value network of blockchain will bring unprecedented changes to human production relations and even organizational methods. With the steady launch of GODE CHAIN, we look forward to this new world coming sooner。

Gode Chain is a next-generation blockchain protocol that unites entire private blockchain networks, enabling them to operate together seamlessly and at scale. Since Gode Chain can send any type of data, therefore, it unlocks a wide range of real-world use cases. By bringing together the best features from multiple professional blockchains, Gode Chain paves the way for a new decentralized marketplace, providing a fairer way to access services through a variety of applications and providers.

GODE CHAIN is also a Web3.0 underlying platform public chain for digital assets and applications, dedicated to empowering blockchain holographic ecology, applications and digital assets. At present, GODE CHAIN has gradually developed into a decentralized network supported and built by more and more brands and Web3.0 builders, and is the first choice for top-level decentralized application development.
As one of the representatives of the new public chain, GODE CHAIN has already taken the lead in laying out the WEB3.0 application track. The NFT exchange and META GOD multi-chain wallet will be built on the GODE CHAIN main network. It will lay a solid foundation for the future ecology of GODE CHAIN. The core of GODE CHAIN is to provide technical infrastructure and ecological guidance for WEB3.0 applications. , application interface, traffic carrying tools and trading platform, etc. to support the sustainable development of WEB3.0 ecology. Not only that, the entire GODE CHAIN ecosystem is growing, covering collections, art, games, DeFi, metaverse, sports, wallets, and DAOs.

As the forerunner of the next-generation global Web3.0 metaverse industry, GODE CHAIN will take the lead in promoting the development of the metaverse industry, building a multi-dimensional economic application ecology without dead ends, and connecting traditional industries and blockchain assets. The development of this kind of ecological application industry will truly realize the implementation of public chain technology. GODE CHAIN subverts the traditional unequal financial system, helps the blockchain to spread freely, helps global participants to obtain wealth, and can spread the true core value of GODE CHAIN in a large area, and jointly build the upgrade of blockchain technology.