Update 2022/08/08

WEB3.0 is based on data economy, GODE CHAIN ​​makes effective data more valuable

We are in an era of rapid development of the Internet. From WEB2.0 to WEB3.0, an unprecedented challenge is coming. In the future world economic system, the data economy will play a key supporting role. As a leader in the WEB3.0 era, GODE CHAIN will be committed to providing data services for more applications in the WEB3.0 era, making effective data more valuable.


WEB3.0 is based on the data economy


For the development stage of the Internet, World Wide Web founder Tim Berners Lee (Tim Berners Lee) gave an interesting explanation of WEB 1.0 to WEB 3.0:


· WEB 1.0 is the "readable" phase of the WEB. We see limited interaction between users;

· WEB 2.0 is the "interactive" phase of the WEB, where users can interact with the site and with each other;

· WEB 3.0 is the "executable" phase of the web, where computers can interpret information like humans and then generate personalized content for users.

From the static pages of WEB1.0 to the interactive enhancement of WEB2.0, to the decentralized network of WEB3.0, the Internet is constantly developing in depth and detail. In the era of WEB3.0, the data and information in the Internet will be more important, and the data economy will become one of the pillars of its development.


GODE CHAIN makes effective data more valuable

It is understood that GODE CHAIN is an efficient, fast and secure data service platform built by the GODE Foundation on the basis of the public chain to meet the development needs of the WEB3.0/Metaverse era. Based on blockchain and cross-chain bridges, virtual machines, and DAO data governance, it provides scalable, simple, and automated one-stop data service support for more applications, thereby promoting the development of the global data economy and allowing more people to become data beneficiaries, benefit from the data.

The cross-chain technology carried by GODE CHAIN provides bridge facilities between Layer1 and Layer2 blockchain networks of many users, enabling users to instantly trade and exchange assets of different blockchain networks. Currently supports asset transfer between BSC, Avalanche, polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum and other block networks.

The GODE CHAIN ecological application is not only a cross-chain protocol to link various basic application data exchanges, but also a "wireless scalable bridge" that provides a cross-chain communication network platform, that is, all blockchains can be connected to GODE CHAIN network nodes are linked to each other, and any new chain can be inserted into the network through configuration to achieve interoperability with other block networks.

Just like a shared central server with countless link sockets (nodes), each block network is like a computer, which can be inserted into this shared central server socket through a network cable to realize the information exchange of each computer. The computer can be plugged in and used, so as to achieve unlimited expansion.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the de facto standard among blockchain developers, and it has a huge community behind it. This leads to other compatible with Ethernet fang virtual machine block chain also began to explore the system, not the etheric fang virtual machine compatible block chain is based on the virtual machine compatibility layer of Ethernet fang, no other permissions block chain by providing lower gas costs and faster trading, quickly responded to the etheric fang problems.

In order to promote the value of effective data, GODE CHAIN has launched the contribution value function based on the concept of "behavior creates value" to test the contribution of users' data. Users can earn contribution value by participating in the platform's super-combustible destruction activities. The more users contribute, the higher the return. In the development of WEB3.0, GODE CHAIN will also provide WEB3.0 to help the transformation and upgrading of the real economy to explore the pilot and landing applications, continue to update the new digital scene, explore the new applications of WEB3.0, create new industries, new scenes, new consumption highlands, and strive to become a pioneer and pioneer in the field of global WEB3.0.

In the coming decades, we believe that the data economy will develop more deeply along with WEB3.0. The data world will form a new order and paradigm driven by the leading data service platforms such as GODE CHAIN and jointly empower the value of data, so that effective data can generate more value and become a solid pillar in the era of WEB3.0!