Update 2022/04/06

Super Opportunity Detonation Strikes - GODE CHAIN

- It is a blockchain with unlimited potential

Gode Chain is a next-generation blockchain protocol that unites entire private blockchain networks, enabling them to operate together seamlessly at scale. Since Gode Chain can send any type of data between any type of blockchain, it unlocks a wide range of real-world use cases.

By bringing together the best features from multiple professional blockchains, Gode Chain paves the way for a new decentralized marketplace, providing a fairer way to access services through a variety of applications and providers.

While blockchain has shown great promise in multiple fields—Internet of Things (IoT), finance, governance, identity management, network decentralization, NFTs, metaverse, Defi, and asset tracking, to name a few—previous systems The design constraints of the device have largely hindered mass adoption.

The design of Gode Chain has several distinct advantages over existing and traditional networks, including heterogeneous sharding, scalability, upgradability, transparent governance, and cross-chain composability.

Gode Chain - Development Team

The Gode Foundation has commissioned a technical development team led by Peiper/Adam to build the Gode Chain.


MBA from Babson College-Oli Business School and BA in Finance and Investment from Baruch College. Former market research analyst with 13 years of experience in business evaluation, product and project management.

The technical development team led by Peiper/Adam comes from teams from Stanford University, Yale University, and MIT. The core members have worked for Facebook, Google, Oracle and other companies. More than 65% of the team have master’s and doctoral degrees, including technical staff with more than ten years of development experience and early developers of Ethereum.


Professor Peiper has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Adjunct Professor at Drexel University and Adjunct Professor of Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland. Former U.S. Department of Defense Global Command and Control System Joint, Integrated Imaging and Intelligence Architecture Team Member. Senior Application Architect.

It has fundamentally shaped the blockchain industry. The team has highly absorbed the technical advantages of public chains such as Ethereum client, Polkadot, and solana, and realized the technical architecture of cross-chain and cross-protocol. Gode Chain's multi-chain commonality will be the next generation of blockchain. Chain core technology development direction.