Update 2022/03/06

Opportunities on the "chain", "chain" to the future - Gode Chain

Gode Chain is a new generation of blockchain protocol


It unites the entire private blockchain network, enabling them to operate together seamlessly at scale. Since Gode Chain can send any type of data between any type of blockchain, it unlocks a wide range of real-world use cases.


By bringing together the best features from multiple professional blockchains, Gode Chain paves the way for a new decentralized marketplace, providing a fairer way to access services through various applications and providers.


public chain value


Gode Chain focuses on blockchain + business development, ecological construction, and multi-chain integration, starting from the Global Autonomous Alliance, opening up the application of blockchain technology in various fields, and continuously linking more ecological business participants, including individuals, entrepreneurs Projects, enterprises, regulators, banks, venture capital institutions, etc., with the help of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data, cloud computing, 5G, Internet of Things, etc. Ecological cross-chain conversion of resources, precise matching, and extensive circulation will realize the intelligent upgrade of the ecological industry, and create a new multi-chain integrated business alliance ecology with boundless circulation of ecological commerce, open value sharing, and industrial collaborative innovation.


Through the continuous iteration of the underlying technology of Gode Chain, the continuous expansion of alliance parties, the continuous implementation of applications, and the continuous circulation of tokens, the multi-chain integrated business alliance ecology created by Gode will be the perpetual motion of future ecological business operations.


The core of public chain development


Deep plowing bottom technology


Gode Chain is a scalable heterogeneous multi-chain. Meaning, unlike previous blockchain implementations that focused on a single chain with varying degrees of generality to potential applications, the Gode Chain itself is not designed to provide any inherent application functionality at all. Instead, Gode Chain provides the cornerstone "relay chain" on which a large number of verifiable, globally consistent dynamic data structures can be hosted side-by-side. We refer to these data structures as "parallel" chains or parachains.


Empowering Ecological Enterprises


The above chain drives the development of enterprises and the way that enterprises drive the ecological operation of the chain, abandoning the traditional enterprise management thinking and product management thinking, solving the problems of trust, efficiency and operation of the chain enterprises, and creating a benchmark base for the incubation of the modern blockchain industry.


The Gode Chain multi-chain integrated business alliance ecological platform built by the ideablock blockchain organization and the Gode Foundation serves all developers on Gode and provides multi-faceted support for various needs, including: project announcement, exchange listing, Project investment and financing, liquidity provision, on-chain technical support, cross-chain resource boost, NFT metaverse chain game scenario application system, build and enhance Gode value, promote Gode ecological prosperity, hold the annual Gode ecological developer conference, conduct Gather developers around the world, build the blockchain summit brand and industry event effect, and improve the ecological application of Gode.


GODE Ecological Plan


1. GODE Creation Plan: In order to promote stable development and better recruit early consensus people, GODE has specially launched the Creation Plan for Ten Thousand People’s Wealth.


2. GODE creation plan: pledge mining, cloud mining machine, split fission mechanism, community self-care.


3. GODE Unicorn Project: The NFT Metaverse Project is jointly built by the ideablock blockchain organization and the GODE Foundation in conjunction with the world's top game development teams, based on the technical architecture of the GODE underlying public chain, aiming to empower the more powerful circulation of the GODE ecological currency. sex.


4. GODE Fanxing Project: The GODE Foundation and the ideablock blockchain organization jointly mobilize the resources of the technical team of the global technical expert team, and set up a technician developer conference. Based on the GODE underlying public chain structure, more high-quality projects will be incubated, covering DEFI, NFT, Yuan Cosmos, chain games, pledge lending, enterprise chaining, liquidity mining, etc. have fully launched the GODE ecosystem.