Update 2022/01/16

A new evolution of GODE is coming

After more than a year of continuous evolution, Gode is about to enter a new era. With the unremitting efforts of excellent core and technology developers, Gode has finally born a new platform that surpasses its competitors in many aspects.

At Gode's milestone as it moves into the future, we are honored to introduce Gode Blockchain's new brand: Gode Chain.

Introduction to Gode Chain

Since the establishment of the Gode Foundation in February 2019, Gode Chain has completed many preset product goals: a new architecture, a native contract system, and an improved governance and economic model, etc. At the same time, Gode Chain has implemented new functions such as heterogeneous sharding, scalability, upgradeability, transparent governance, cross-chain composability, decentralized identity system GID and domain name services, which will help Gode become the most A comprehensive blockchain development platform. In the future, Gode Chain will further develop and evolve, and its functions will be further supplemented and improved.

With the official launch of the main network of Gode Chain, we also attach great importance to the brand positioning of its excellent characteristics and growth. "Gode" was born.

Why is it called Gode?

During the development of Gode Chain, we have always adopted the concept of "god of evolution", and now we further abbreviated it to "Gode". The use of the name "Gode", on the one hand, continues the team spirit and development concept of god of evolution, on the other hand, it also reflects several major characteristics of Gode: bold, delicate, concise, and powerful.

In addition, using the ethos of "Gode" promotes our unwavering faith in our products and our belief in eternal evolution to developers while helping the Gode community grow stronger.

Gode it is a blockchain with unlimited potential

Gode Chain is a next-generation blockchain protocol that unites entire private blockchain networks, enabling them to operate together seamlessly at scale. Since Gode Chain can send any type of data between any type of blockchain, it unlocks a wide range of real-world use cases.

By bringing together the best features from multiple professional blockchains, Gode Chain paves the way for a new decentralized marketplace, providing a fairer way to access services through a variety of applications and providers.

While blockchain has shown great promise in a variety of fields—Internet of Things (IoT), finance, governance, identity management, network decentralization, and asset tracking, to name a few—previous systems were designed with significant limitations to a certain extent hindering mass adoption.

The design of Gode Chain has several distinct advantages over existing and traditional networks, including heterogeneous sharding, scalability, upgradability, transparent governance, and cross-chain composability.

Gode Technologies looks to the future

An exciting chapter in Gode's history is about to begin. The first official version of Gode will be launched soon, and the new website will also meet with you at the same time. Next, we will continue to launch the Global Ecosystem Online Expansion Conference, the new developer incentive program, the Gode Early Participant Program, and a series of activities to welcome the Gode mainnet launch.

We know that many community members are eager to learn about Gode's future, and we'll be releasing details about Gode closer to the mainnet launch. You can now make sure to receive all the information about Gode by following the official Gode channels.