Update 2023/03/04

GODE CHAlN: A new exploration of Web 3.0 paradigm from the underlying logicera

With its huge ecosystem, Ethereum holds the "kingship" in the public chain competition pattern, while "the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker".The Matthew effect once deterred the development of the emerging public chain. As Ethereum has grown, the shortcomings exhibited by its underlying architecture have become more apparent.Instead of being stuck trying to improve the EVM, it is better to completely innovate. Get out of the shackles of the smart contract chain, revolutionizeA new type of new public chain is gradually emerging.


GODE CHAIN is a next-generation blockchain protocol that unites entire networks of dedicated blockchains, enabling them to operate together at scale and seamlessly.As GODE CHAIN can send any type of data between any type of blockchain, it unlocks a wide range of real-world use cases. Technology is always developed for certain products and whether that technology can be used for other purposes is the next thing for GODE CHAIN to consider.For GODE CHAIN the focus should always be on the development of the actual product, not on the technical architecture or ideas. Thinking too early about technology diffusion or long-term planning rarely brings real value and can sometimes hinder later development."


Looking at the current public chain landscape, we can see that the situation of Ethereum leading the public chain circuit has not changed, but the new public chains are no longer aiming to take down Ethereum.Some of them choose to rely on the ethereum ecosystem and solve the ethereum scaling problem, and work hand in hand with it; some use their pioneering or disruptive technology to attract ethereum users and traffic by solving the "blockchain triangle problem"; some choose to focus on a certain application ecosystem and attract mainstream users to participate in it.These innovations are currently bringing about a renewed boom in the public chain space. The system design of GODE CHAIN breaks through the key bottlenecks of existing blockchains: the need to reach global consensus with the underlying architecture and the application of blockchain technology in the deep WEB3.0 ecosystem. nodes and RPC nodes. The light node ensures that each node is involved in.The light nodes ensure that each node is involved in the maintenance of the public chain and is rewarded with a virtuous and sustainable cycle of nodes.


Therefore, under the premise of ensuring perfect compatibility with Ethernet technology applications, GODE CHAIN has launched, based on solid public chain technology, METAGOD multi-chain wallet, CookieSWAP decentralized exchange and CookieNFT digital collectibles trading platform, the new public chain GODE CHAIN in order to meet the needs of any application without any horizontal While ensuring that the operating costs of each transaction are stable at a low cost and high aggregation, the value of public chain-based applications is still to be developed, and how to measure the value of data on the blockchain to create an underlying blockchain that can handle large amounts of data without compromising security and decentralisation is the key to our development.


The next-generation Internet web 3.0 narrative emphasizes user identity and data ownership, and users must have their own privacy on the on-chain network, which makes privacy computing a rigid requirement for web 3.0. With the development of technology, it seems that the public chain track has become a trend from "one chain alone" to "a hundred chains blooming", and under the diversified pattern, the new public chains that have emerged or are being developed by GODE CHAIN also have the space and potential to continue to develop in the public chain track. In the future, GODE CHAIN will have a strong presence in the public chain market. In the future, GODE CHAIN will be able to develop both technology. The future of GODE CHAIN will be nurtured by the mutual empowerment of technology development and ecological prosperity. Looking back at the last round of bears and bulls, the public chains that exploded in the bull market were basically all born in the bear market.They were born in the bear market and experienced a thick build-up before hitting the ground running in the bull market. We look forward to seeing the rise of GODE CHAIN in the next bull market.CHAIN's rise will help the coming of the Web 3.0 era.